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Seeing Ian McKellen as King Lear July 21, 2007

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It was great. What can I say? Three and a half hours including a 20-minute interval and if not for the fact that I was sitting in the first row of Circle 2, it would have been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. As it is, I now have an aching neck despite having gone for a half-hour shoulder massage this afternoon.
What bothered me, though, were the people who suddenly developed itching throats during the second half of the play. It’s like, after the interval, people started taking turns clearing their throats. And then, there was that phone that actually went off! Appalling.
The play itself was enjoyable even though I didn’t understand half of what the actors were saying given that I’ve never read King Lear and the language was archaic, to say the least.
Ian McKellen was excellent, as was the rest of the cast, though there were one or two minor slips.
After the play, we went to Gluttons’ Bay where I had my first char kway teow in a long time, together with oyster omelette, fish ball soup and topped off with a teh-c peng. It’s one hour of cardio in 8 hours’ time.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that after that, we went to Harry’s at the Esplanade to listen to Paul Ponnudorai. The guy is a true virtuoso. The way his fingers move on the guitar and the sounds he creates – flawless. The only problem was that the speakers were way too loud. So, to be able get up close and personal with the guy to witness the miracle that are his digits moving over the strings of his instrument, you have to risk losing the sound quality. So we sat, admiring him from a distance.


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