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Of colleagues July 22, 2007

Filed under: work — reneewong @ 2:59 am

In my opinion, relationships with co-workers are the most frustrating. Colleagues are like family – you can’t choose them. Unfortunately, unlike family, you cannot avoid them and you cannot be frank and forthright with them either. You can’t say to them, ‘I think you’re just a whining little brat’ or ‘ Why don’t you get off your ass and do something’ or, to get right down to it: ‘You suck!’
So, instead of this healthy and cathartic dose of honesty, you find yourself straddling the fine line between professionalism and hypocrisy. Everyday you’re just seething under the veneer of civility.
There are two types of people you can find yourself working with: those whom you would never acknowledge in your private life, where you actually have a choice; and those whom you would hang out with outside of work. If only you didn’t actually have to work with them.
Ok, despite all this cynicism, I must admit that there is that tiny handful of people whom I just love as both colleagues and friends. These are the ones that I actually like as people, as fellow human beings and not just living, breathing creatures out to compete with me for oxygen.


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