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A wedding invite August 7, 2007

Filed under: girlfriends — reneewong @ 5:59 pm

A wedding invite came in the mail today. It was, well, I wouldn’t say “a shock” because that has negative connotations, but it’s not really a surprise either given that it was all a matter of time. I guess the extraordinary thing about it is that it’s happening on Waikiki Beach. As in Honolulu, in the state of Hawaii, in the US of A.
I’m not a huge fan of flying. And I do not appreciate any of the 3 S’s that draw people to the beach – Sun, Sea and Sand. And to top it all, I’m not so keen on the US. But, my friend is getting married. And according to the only other friend from Singapore whom she has invited, well, we are the only two she invited, so. There was never any doubt, actually, once I saw the invite, that I was going to attend her wedding, even if it is, to me, taking place in one of the last places on this planet that I would choose to go to. Hell,
I would have been more enthusiastic if it had been some secluded monastery in Bhutan where I would have to endure altitude sickness and risk falling off a cliff. But hey, it’s her wedding. At least it’s Hawaii and not some place with the other S that I cannot tolerate – Snow.
I’ve always been prepared to go for a friend’s wedding overseas. I mean, with the number of foreign friends I have, I just assumed that I would eventually be invited to one. I just didn’t expect to attend a wedding of two Singaporeans in Hawaii.
One thing that has struck me is that this is probably going to be the last wedding of a personal friend that I would attend. We were a group of 6 girlfriends in secondary school. To be more accurate, to me, we were a group of 5 girlfriends and a hanger-on, so let’s forget about the 6th and just focus on the 5 of us. 1 got married last year, 2 are lesbians, then there’s this friend, and me. So, yah. Not that I think the lesbians will not get married. One of them did but that’s kind of over and the future is kind of complicated there.
Now the question is… should the boyfriend come along?


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