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Chivalry is not dead! August 14, 2007

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My faith in men has been restored. Today, not one, but two men actually stood aside in the lift and each held one door while I tried to be most demure in stepping out. What was interesting was that the lift was originally full and I was in a corner at the back and everyone else had already gotten out except for the three of us and both of them were actually in front of me. So, what this means is that they, well, did the abovementioned. I was actually rather disturbed by the other people who had filed out of the lift without even pressing the “Door Open” button. I mean, what if the doors had just shut in the face of the person behind? I say this because I have seen it happen many times. So, I was slightly anxious about how I was going to get out and then this most wonderful of miracles happened. Chivalry lives!


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