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End of life as I know it January 5, 2008

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So I brought home the puppy on New Year’s Eve. Life has never been the same. This affirms my conviction that I do not want children. The puppy eats, pees and poos. She needs to be fed, cleaned up and cleaned after. I can do all that. It’s doing that for her and remembering to do that for myself that is proving to be the challenge. I have not cleaned myself up today or cleaned after myself since I brought her home. The cleanest place in the entire apartment is her playpen while dust balls roll around in my own room. The security singlet in her crate has been washed twice since she came home while my own bedsheets have not been washed in months. On my work days when I come home to feed her during lunch time, I don’t get to have lunch myself because there is just no time.

When we brought her home, she was fur and bones and coughing. The vet had said that she had congested lungs from her kennel cough and lots of bacteria in her poop. He prescribed 5 types of medication plus eyedrops and advised that we return her to the pet shop for five days as the change in environment may be stressful and detrimental to her health. We decided to bring her home instead coz we figured that we could take better care of her than the pet shop.

Today, by God’s grace, she is slightly fleshier and alive and kicking, not to mention peeing and pooing. A lot. This is how she looks today:

Yuki Day 6

The challenge has been trying to find ways of entertaining her, and she solved that problem for herself when she found the recycling. Her favourite:

Yuki’s favourite toys

To watch her in action: