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Having a break March 3, 2008

Filed under: dog — reneewong @ 11:59 pm

I took a break today. A break from the dog, a break from the boyfriend, a break from work, a break from everything. For the first time since I got my puppy, I felt like I was regaining a bit of myself. Still, the dog is so much a part of me now that not a day goes by without me doing something related to it. So, this morning, on the way out, I called the ARC and told them about my dog’s diarrhoea and the friendly lady asked me what I used to feed my dog and then she suggested that I mix the two types of food and monitor what happens. What happened is that the diarrhoea got worse. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING?

My dog is the sweetest thing ever. That helps make everything ok. I wish she wasn’t ill, I wish she was everything a Westie should and can be, I wish we could bring her for puppy kindergarten (too old for that now), obedience training, agility courses, the whole gamut of things that one should be able to do with one’s dog. But as it is, we can’t even bring her out for walk. Coz no vet has wanted to vaccinate her because of her condition and all the other medication she’s been on. But she is growing bigger, and her fur has taken on the texture of an adult Westie and her jaws and teeth are certainly stronger from all the chewing she’s been doing in lieu of running around like she used to do. Like she used to. She has definitely mellowed. I don’t know whether it’s because she has realised that I don’t want her running around so much or is it the experience of coughing and wheezing after every bout of sprinting that has put her off it.

I bought her a new chew toy today. Her interest in rubber chew toys last all of 3 minutes. Unless there’s food in them. At least she’s still active and alert though not as hyper as before. I would say that my puppy has not had a very fulfilling childhood. A quiet one perhaps, but not one which could have reached its full potential.

I think I shall switch her back completely to what the doctor prescribed and see how it goes. She’s really not showing any sick behaviour, thank God for that. But if she does, I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.


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