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Helplessness March 3, 2008

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It’s been more than 48 hours since I put my dog on Hill’s Prescription Diet Egg and Rice as ordered by Dr. Jean-Paul Ly and she has been having diarrhoea since. This is particularly distressing because she has never had diarrhoea before in the two months that I’ve had her. She has been wheezing and coughing and having a skin infection on her right ear, but no diarrhoea. Now, she has diarrhoea and her wheezing and coughing is worse and her infection seems to be spreading to her left ear. Perhaps I’m expecting too much of the good doctor. He’s no miracle healer after all, and what he did tell me was useful – my dog has a collapsed trachea, asthma and allergies, all congenital. He said her fur was dry and that the redness in her paw is probably due to some allergy and that’s why she’s been chewing on it. Well, first of all, her fur is NOT dry, and yes, she was chewing on her paw a lot when I first got her, so yes, maybe she was allergic to the food that was fed to her at the pet shop and that we were weaning her off – Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Bites Chicken Flavour, but it’s been a long time since she has STOPPED chewing on her paws, in fact, since we started feeding her only Timberwolf Organics Ocean Blue. If the doctor had only asked, if he had even looked vaguely interested in my dog, if he had even cared, perhaps we could have eliminated any one of the other 8 different types of treats that I was giving her, instead of taking away her staple just like that. And if he had bothered, he would perhaps have found out that the anti-histamine that he prescribed her was exactly what she had been taking for the three weeks prior to our visit, so it’s the same old shit, plus new merde.

Yes, I am angry. And I am disappointed. And I am bothered. And I wonder if I should put up with an experienced vet with a bad attitude. I have no doubt that he was busy – he has hundreds of patients – but I have only one dog. He has no time of the day for my dog, and I have no time of the day for vets to experiment on my dog. But like I said, at least he told me what was wrong with my dog… now to find a vet that can actually address the problem in a professional manner. I don’t know if I should go back to Dr. Ling. I like her, and I have faith in her, but I don’t know if I should give Dr. Ly a chance.

It all boils down to helplessness. As a pet owner, I am trying to find the best vet for my dog and apparently, Dr. Ly is supposed to be the best. But now I have my doubts. He is experienced, and he has lots of certificates to show for it – perhaps the hardware is there, but not the software. It seems that because of my dog, I am at the mercy of an apathetic vet. And that’s why I am seething.


2 Responses to “Helplessness”

  1. I don’t blame you for seething. But, most veterinarians do NOT know much about nutrition or Pet Foods! That is a fact.

    They should be referring people to a nutritionist, just like the human doctors do !


  2. - Says:

    ah, i know what you mean. i went to see Dr Ly yesterday and he seemed very brusque and uninterested in my dog’s condition. i know he’s very experienced, but i wasn’t happy that about having to wait 2 hours (even after making an appointment) only to have him look at my dog for about 10 minutes and making such a quick diagnosis. but like i mentioned, he is experienced and had mentioned that my dog’s condition is very common so, maybe he really didn’t have to do that much checking to know what is going on with her. but i thought he should have been a lot more attentive.

    anyhow, regarding your pooch, have you called Dr Ly? if i were you, i’d do that… let him know about your dog’s condition. i’m sure he will advise you on what to do next.

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