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Epiphany March 5, 2008

Filed under: dog — reneewong @ 1:09 am

I came to an epiphany last night. Obviously I am extremely unhappy with my JPL experience. I mean, I have been angsting about it since my visit and really, there has been no improvement in my dog’s condition, no change, except for diarrhoea, which she really does not need, so why am I going back to him? The medication that he prescribed was more or less the same that I have gotten, and can get, from Dr. Ling, so hmmm… is there really a good enough reason to continue this painful relationship?

In any case, this morning, I mixed my puppy’s food at about half-half, and the diarrhoea still persisted. For dinner, I upped the amount of old food to 3 quarters and the diarrhoea went away. She was also very happy after eating and was bounding around, followed by the wheezing and coughing of course, but it’s always nice to see her running. She’s so funny. Everyday is a new experience with her.


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