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Friends March 9, 2008

Filed under: friends — reneewong @ 1:46 am

I wonder if adults have friends. I know this is a strange statement considering the fact that surely everyone has friends. Do we have friends in spite of ourselves? Because as adults, it seems particularly difficult to have friends given all the conflicting needs that we have in our lives.

I am sick of people today.  I am particularly sick of having to deal with friends who don’t like other friends even though we all used to be friends. And it is worse when the cause of all this discord are friends’ partners. I am disappointed. Disappointed in friends who lose all discernment and become brainwashed by what their other halves have to say about people whom they have known forever. It shows a lack of discernment particularly if their other halves evidently have some kind of persecution complex and a very simplistic view of the world.

Life was simpler when we were young, when we were teens, even though those may have been the most emotionally-charged years of anybody’s life. Those were the times when we would promise eternal loyalty and friendship and let no member of the opposite sex come between us. Alas, adulthood has changed all that, revealed all of us as being smaller than what our juvenile selves had thought we would be.

I am so sick and tired of hearing friends being insulted by other friends. Should I defend one friend against another? If I don’t like someone, I would not think twice about making it clear to that person right in the face, but with a friend.. and how does one remain friends with someone that one has realised that one does not like?

I want a simple life with no angst. This, is making me very unhappy.


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