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Wedding Woes March 17, 2008

Filed under: wedding — reneewong @ 12:09 pm

It hit me yesterday that Sniffles and I are going into this wedding without a single cent to our names. I was thinking last night that I want my sister and my dog to walk down the aisle in front of me in matching outfits and then I realised that I can’t afford to buy them dresses, or anything for that matter. Strictly speaking, I can’t even afford to buy myself a wedding dress.

And then I reminded myself that I had always considered weddings to be a waste of money anyway and that I would not fall into this trap. So Sniffles and I have come to the agreement that we will only splurge on wedding rings, coz you know, diamonds are forever. And since I don’t want any wedding photos, I guess it really doesn’t matter how I look on my own wedding day since I can’t see myself.

So I’m not even going to think about the wedding anymore. Maybe a few months down the road I will start looking for a dress and we will start finalising the designs of the wedding bands and contact the caterers. I wonder if I can buy a practical and reusable dress, instead of something that I will just wear once and then keep for posterity sake. I’m wondering about the flowers. To have or not to have? I like flowers, so yes, I guess we can have them. Erm.. makeup and hair? Do I really care?! This is not on my list of priorities. Wedding car? Tea ceremony? Comfortable shoes. Yes, shoes are important. It could completely ruin my day to have painful shoes.

I try to tell myself that plenty of people have gotten married without any permanent damage to themselves, though I have seen people who stayed in debt for a few years after that just to have a fairy tale wedding. I don’t subscribe to that.

I shall stop here because if I continue I will end up talking myself out of this. Getting married is not on my list of priorities in life. Period.


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