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A second visit May 12, 2008

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I went to the ARC today. This may come as a surprise coz I have blatantly lambasted the place in prior posts. However, in my conversations with colleagues and such, there had been a name that stood out and recently, my boss mentioned his good experience with Dr Shum and today, Sniffles wanted me to take the dog to the vet because she seemed to be under the weather. I tried calling Namly Animal Clinic. Twice. But no pick up. Then I thought, ok, practically speaking, Balestier makes more sense because it is much nearer to where I am. So I called and asked for Dr Shum.

Now, hearing my boss talk about Dr Shum, I’d thought that she would be some maternal middle-aged lady, maybe a little pudgy, but with kind eyes. Don’t ask me why I had that impression. And with a name like Shum, pronounced Shah-m, I’d thought she was Indian, so lo and behold, I was surprised twice over. Firstly, she was blonde. But Chinese. And she looked about 15. And she was small. So, ok, that was thrice over.

Now I’m wondering how to continue with this post. Should I give an evaluation of the vet, or should I muse about my sexuality? I think that it would be more useful for the general reader if I talk about my professional experience with Dr Shum, not that there’s a personal one, but you know, an objective review of how the consultation went.

First of all, I must say that this experience was completely different from my previous experience at the ARC. Dr Shum was everything that Dr Ly was not. She was patient, she asked questions, she listened to my responses, she remembered and addressed ALL my concerns and she was very cute. Yes, I’m still being objective. Anyway, she took two X-rays of my dog and lo and behold (again!), my baby does not have a collapsed trachea (au contraire to what Dr Ly had previously diagnosed, WITHOUT an X-ray). She does, however, have bronchitis. So it’s back to medication. Just one type this time – antibiotics. Review in three weeks.

My dog’s really cute. But I’ve got her in her pen now coz she decided to pee on the floor immediately after she’d had her dinner. What an ingrate! Obedience training is going well and I’m wondering if I should sign her up for the next course. We tried Agility training yesterday but she’s too short to jump over poles and the lady suggested that I wait till she’s slightly older because puppies’ bones are not fully developed yet and she might sustain long-term injuries if she’s made to jump at this age. Which is why I was slightly appalled just now when my housemate decided to push the dog off her lap while she was in a chair. I know she only did that coz she has three cats and is used to doing that to them, but they are cats, and my dog is, well, a short-legged puppy.


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