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Doors May 23, 2008

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I had a phone interview today. I shan’t mention the organisation. Let’s just say that anyone who uses the internet will recognise the name. It was a surprise. I believe in God so I don’t believe in coincidences.

At 3pm today, I decided to go out and buy lunch. Along the way, I decided to check my Gmail on my mobile, which is a very rare urge that I have these days. So, 30 mails. This is going to take forever, so I cancelled the downloads and just scanned the list of subjects, and lo and behold, one screamed out at me. To sum up, it informed me that the recruiter would call me at 3.30pm today. Note that by the time this mail appeared in its entirety on my mobile, it was 3.10pm. At 3.18pm, I was back at my desk, vacillating between just winging the interview or rescheduling. I decided to try my luck and replied to the email saying that I was extremely tied up by work, which is true as evinced by the fact that I only left the office after midnight today, and could I reschedule for tomorrow. No response, of course. 3.30 came and went and I thought that’s that. A few minutes later, the mobile rang.

It was relatively painless. Of course I was completely unprepared. As the words were tumbling out of my mouth, I had a distinct out-of-body experience, as if my mouth didn’t belong to me and I was just hearing myself externally. It was very odd.

The lady said that I will hear from them early next week about the results. I hope I didn’t sound like too much of an idiot.

This is my stand: if they can match my current pay, I will move on without a second thought. The organisation is too cool to walk away from. If I have to take a pay cut, I’ll have to think about it, depending on how much the cut is and how much it’ll hurt.

As it is, I’m suffering from cognitive dissonance because the position connotes a demotion from what I’m doing now, but hey, it’s the big frog in small pond vs small frog in giant pond scenario. I am definitely excited about this.


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