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Bum May 29, 2008

Filed under: rambling — reneewong @ 1:41 am

The company that I interviewed with has not contacted me. The recruiter said that I would hear from them in the beginning of this week. It is now 1.30am on a Thursday morning – this is no longer the first half of the week. I am crushed. I have never failed an interview in my life. Seriously. Not for a scholarship, not for a job.

Moving on. What can keep me going during the last two hours of a 12-hour work day? Two scoops of ice cream – one Bailey’s & Bourbon, one Triple Sec Chocolate. Followed by guilt as my breasts touch my ever-growing stomach – no, I am not pregnant. It doesn’t help that after work, Sniffles meets me at my work place, which is very sweet of him, but he needs a beer, so we go for drinks and I end up eating ham and sausages coz I always feel like I’m overloading on carbs and not consuming enough protein. Though truth be told, I think I am just eating too much of everything.

I was going through my spam mail today and 99 out of 100 were trying to sell sexual performance enhancement products. Sex sells, apparently. Do people’s lives really revolve around that? Is there such a demand for such products? If not, why is there so much supply? Does the overwhelming supply imply equally impressive demand? Or are the ads just trying to make us all believe that there is always room for improvement? I’ve never been tempted to even open and read one of the ads – the subject headlines already say it all for me, and are enough to convince me that I have no need for Viagra, penis enlargers or the mysterious product that will “make her lick you dry” or “keep you going”.


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