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Taking a stand as a Christian June 1, 2008

Filed under: God — reneewong @ 11:55 pm

I went for the first session of my baptism course today. I was not inspired. I wondered if it was a mistake that I had chosen this church. But really, it is not I who chose, it was God who showed me the way. Every step of my walk with Him, He has watched over me and guided me.

I started a notebook to record my walk with Him from today onwards. I had wanted to keep this blog “secular”, separate from the Christian in me. But really, there is no such thing. When you let Jesus into your life, you can’t just say, ok, there is a secular part of me, separate from the Christian. There is a human part of me, that’s for sure. The part that gets irritated with those around me, as evidenced in my blog, and the reason why I don’t want to stand up and say I’m a Christian. But really, being Christian, as I was told today, means having a relationship with Jesus. It doesn’t mean that I have to be perfect, holier than thou, bible-thump, tell everyone that I’m going to heaven and they’re going to hell (I don’t believe this, btw. God judges everyone and we’re all short of His glory. I’m not the kind of Christian who takes salvation as a given. It’s by God’s grace and He gives and takes away.)

So yes, I am a Christian. Thank God.


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