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Exciting weekend July 21, 2008

Filed under: dog,rambling — reneewong @ 11:17 pm

I took urgent half-day leave today to recover from the hectic weekend. That, and the fact that I accidentally locked my dog out in the rain this morning and felt I should spend some time with her, since I’ve been quite negligent lately. But the wonderful thing about dogs is that they are so forgiving, and mine is now sitting right under my rolling chair where at any given moment, I could possibly roll over her paws. It’s one of her favourite spots, only when someone is sitting on the chair, of course – what’s the point without imminent danger?

Before the animal activists start to harass me, I just want to explain that in the morning, my dog likes to go out into the yard, but she has taken to running out of the compound, i.e. she squeezes out from under the gate, even though the bottom of it is covered with plastic mesh, so I leash her every time she’s out of the house. The handle of the retractable leash is under my door, and the door is closed coz I continue sleeping while she’s out there. So this morning, I let her out and crawl back into bed. I was woken up by the sound of the rain, and I thought, “It’s good that Yuki is in her room coz she hates the rain and she usually kicks up a fuss when it rains.” Then, it kind of came in a revelation that, “Oh no! She’s outside of the house!” And she really was standing just outside. So I let her in, and she shook off the excess water but she wasn’t completely drenched or anything like that.

The baptism went well enough though the pastor forgot to call my name, and my ears were blocked for the most part of the day after I was dipped in the water.

Emceeing was a complete disaster. It’s one of those things that I will only do once in my lifetime, and I think I’ve actually run out of single friends anyway, so that’s ok.


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