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God is The Architect and I’m in the Matrix July 27, 2008

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The thing about being Christian is that we have to thank God for everything. It says in the Scripture that He gives and takes away. Personally, that frightens me.

My dad is giving me a considerable sum of money to help out with my wedding preparations and our first flat. When I told Sniffles, I think the first thing he said was, “Praise God!” and then he went on to call his church friend and his cell leader to give his testimony. That was a few weeks ago. I think that he has not yet said anything about thanking my earthly father.

And that’s the thing about attributing everything to God. We are negated. I think the next time Sniffles does something nice for me, instead of thanking him, I shall thank God for him. In fact, I shall stop thanking people in general, because really, what’s the point? And people, you can also stop thanking me for anything. I am just a vessel. I do something good for you, thank God. If I don’t, it’s the devil’s fault. And whatever pill Neo has taken, I’m not taking it. I am remaining in the Matrix. Thank God.


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