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Lust, Caution August 22, 2008

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I just finished watching Lust, Caution. It was amazing.

The thing about death is that it’s so final. And the thing about the death of someone else is the absence. First the person was there, then he or she isn’t anymore. There was a warm physical being who could laugh and cry, and then there’s a void. That’s what makes death sad.

I feel sorry for the Tony Leung character more than the Tang Wei character.  I am assuming that this is the general sentiment. And I’m saying this not because I’m biased towards the actor, but because his character was so alone. He loved her and perhaps at some point he might have realised that she loved him too, and that’s why she told him to run, but he didn’t have a choice but to put her to death, and then he had to live with her absence. And what kind of existence did he lead anyway? It’s no wonder that the Chinese government deemed the movie unpatriotic as this traitor was actually a very sympathetic character. Tony Leung is an amazing actor. Anyone who takes his or her job seriously will be able to relate to his character’s dedication and work stress, and that is while being aware that he’s doomed from the start coz his side is definitely losing. He’s a tragic anti-hero.

Absence is the scariest thing. The absence of a loved one; for me personally, the absence of God. That, I think, is the worst feeling. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is a load of crap. Just ask my dog.


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