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Blessed August 27, 2008

Filed under: God — reneewong @ 11:24 pm

As a non-Christian, many things that happen are often attributed to coincidence or karma. Personally, I doubt that I’ve done that many good deeds to accrue so much good karma that good things keep happening to me and coincidences are basically another way of saying I don’t know why that just happened. It’s really easier for me believe that God the Almighty is always with me, making sure that I want for nothing.

The happening thing today at the office was Teachers’ Day. We had a buffet lunch which I was invited to attend, and all the teachers were also given a choice of a present which I was not offered. Last year, with the old team in the department in charge of this stuff, I was given one of the choices, without actually being offered a choice. This year, there was nothing at all. In the afternoon, I was asked by one of the staff in my department whether I was given the same thing that I received last year, and I said, no, I didn’t get anything this year and she was like, “Why?” and I said, “Well, I’m not a teacher,” though I do cover teach occasionally. And she was very indignant and said, “But they’re getting something,” referring to the staff in another department who deal with teachers but who never ever teach. Incidentally, the people in charge of the presents are from this same department. I didn’t have a response to that but I tried to rationalise it in my head, telling myself that, well, maybe they deserved it because they get a lot of crap from the teachers.

So after my usual meeting with my boss tonight, when I was sitting at my table with two of my teaching colleagues from my department, my boss came along and asked, “So which one did you guys choose?”, waving the sheet of paper with the choices of gifts offered to the teachers. I didn’t say anything coz I didn’t get anything, so one of my colleagues responded with her choice, and then my boss asked me specifically what I chose, and I said very matter-of-factly, “I wasn’t offered anything.” And he was like, “That’s not right. I’m going to speak to them about it.” And I didn’t really have a response to that, so I didn’t say anything.

But isn’t it amazing? My boss is always looking out for me, when he can, but he’s often so caught up with his 50 projects that things have to be brought to his attention sometimes. I hardly ever push that button because I think that some buttons should remain emergency buttons, and not buttons that we push for a kick. But the truly amazing thing is that God is always looking out for me, and He is never too caught up with his gazillion projects that He forgets about me. Never. Can you just imagine that? Someone who never fails, never disappoints. And all it takes is faith. Faith in His faithfulness.


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