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Duty calls October 12, 2008

Filed under: angst,God,mum — reneewong @ 10:07 pm

My aunt spoke to me today about my mum. A little background: I avoid my mum like the plague. Really. The reason is complicated but to just simplify things, every encounter with my mum leaves me disturbed and wondering which planet she has just landed from. If she weren’t my mother, she’ll just be a crazy woman to me. Some people, more positive than I, have said that she’s a hippy.
Unfortunately, to my aunt she is a depressed and lonely woman who is physically ill and I’m the daughter who should be doing something about it.
The human side of me really can’t care less. It’s part of my self-preservation instincts. It’s like how you can’t strangle yourself with your own bare hands. I can’t subject my sanity to asphyxiate from contact with my mum.
But the Holy Spirit which convicts and compels me and reminds me of the commandment to honour my parents is telling me that I have to do something. So I am going to visit my mother. I am going to bring her to church because there are curses to break and healing to seek and find. Am I looking forward to it? Not really. But it’s like what I heard the other day, if you find the cure to AIDS, will you share it with those who are suffering from it, or will you keep it to yourself? As my aunt was sitting there telling me about my mother’s condition and symptoms, honestly, the only solution I saw was God. If it were a doctor, I would take her to one. But as it is, it is God so I have to lead her to Him. Oh joy.


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