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Speechless October 14, 2008

Filed under: mum — reneewong @ 9:43 pm

I underestimated my mother. Contrary to the picture of my mother as a poor and lonely woman wasting away from bone cancer, neglected by her careless children, my mum was full of… for lack of a better word, positive thinking. Her source of strength? The Secret. She is convinced that she will live to a hundred, just on positive thinking. Oh, and light. I applaud her conviction. I realise that my mother is the same woman that she was years ago when she started hearing voices and thought she was a god. She doesn’t need saving. Other people need saving from her. She believes in God and Jesus. She thinks that Jesus hangs out with Allah in a parallel dimension three feet away from us. Yes, this is just a slight variation of what I grew up with. Be amazed that I am this well-adjusted. Don’t even get me started on her alien theories though I did consider that she could be one of them. Who needs to read about Tom Cruise and Scientology or sci-fi and fantasy when I have my own mother to weave entire universes for me?
Well, the good thing is that I feel no compulsion to visit her on a regular basis. I mean, she still has 44 years to go before she hits a hundred. I think I’ll check in on her in 3 to 6 months. Apparently positive thinking takes that long to cure a person of muscular atrophy and multiple cysts in her womb. Should I be more concerned? I am, about being sucked into the vortex that is my mother’s mind. I’ve lived there before. Positivity and light only exist as a dream and insanity is three feet away in a visible dimension.
My brother was a lot more focussed than I was during our conversation with my mum. I think it’s because he’s heard all this from her in more recent times whereas I, as previously mentioned, have been avoiding such encounters studiously.


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