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The price of vanity January 16, 2009

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My face hurts.
I went for my first laser treatment today.
The question “Why”, I feel, is stupid and redundant. Obviously, it’s vanity. To make myself look better, to glow, shine, defy the ravages of time and air itself.
It hurts.
So I went to see the dermatologist. I’ve seen him for all of 2 minutes – the combination of my first and second consultations with him. I’ve spent more time with his assistants and the doctor who did the actual laser for me. In fact, my dermatologist had no clue that I was doing the laser treatment today until his assistant reminded him and asked if he thought I was up to it.
So, the nice doctor who did my laser for me explained things to me. She told me about the downtime – 1 week! That was the first time I’d heard that! She told me that despite the numbing cream, there would still be pain. She told me that when I wash my face tonight and tomorrow morning, it would really hurt. She said that some people don’t. Wash their faces, that is. I am seriously considering being one of them.
I’m trying to remember the last time I felt such pain. I’m suddenly feeling very empathetic towards the MP who got burnt.
So, she said that the next one to two days, there would be redness. In three days, the scabbing will become obvious. She showed me pictures. I was speechless. I couldn’t even look suitably horrified because when she spoke to me, I had numbing cream covered with cellophane on my face.
It hurts.
She confirmed that I didn’t have any functions or important meetings to attend over the next 1 week. I was thinking of my appointments with all the interior designers, but figured that should be ok.
It hurts. I think my face is getting redder by the second.
So, the actual experience was quite ok. I mean, I’ve been for Brazillian Waxes and IPL in my nether regions, so compared to that, this was a breeze.
But it really hurts now.
This is the first of five sessions.
The stupid question “Why?” inevitably pops up. Vanity.


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