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I look funny January 18, 2009

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I went out today, despite the thousands of dots on my face which also resembled an angry octopus, coz it was swollen and red. The reason why I can still go out in this state is because I can’t see myself!

My forehead the day after my first laser treatment.

My forehead the day after my first laser treatment.

See those dots? Imagine them ALL OVER MY FACE. Including my nose, the crevices at the sides of my nose, the area above my lips, my temples, my cheeks, EVERYWHERE! 

I am actually quite happy with the dots, as long as they are not a permanent feature. I am just so fascinated by them.

Just the other day, I saw someone with a physical deformity, I can’t remember what it was, but I really wanted to stare. And I thought, he shouldn’t mind if I stare coz it wasn’t actually him that I was staring at, but the deformity. However, yesterday after my laser treatment, I realised that it doesn’t matter what the seer’s intention is, coz how would the freak know? I’m using the word freak on my post-laser freakniess, not that I think that people with physical deformities are freaks.

So, back to my earlier point, I’m very happy that I have my own freakiness to stare at for as much as I want to while it lasts.

So, I tried to use toner just now, and I stopped short because the cotton pad was making a most disturbing scraping sound against the dots. My face basically feels like fine sandpaper. It’s fascinating.


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