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We signed a contract January 18, 2009

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We signed a contract with a designer today. Let’s just say that his design fee was already a five-figure sum. As usual, Hot and I have gone for the most expensive option, because that’s the one that beckons to us like the call of the sirens.

The thing is, we were not expecting to sign anything with anyone today at all. Originally, we had two follow-up appointments today to see the 3D and 2D mock-ups that the designers had come up with. The first was a so-so option, the other was the one that we were really keen on. Except the latter postponed our appointment to next week. I was quite disappointed about that coz I was really excited about their ideas after our meeting last week. So anyway, Hot decided to call up this other designer who does really unconventional concepts, whom his colleague had used before. It was our first appointment with the guy, and so we just went in there not expecting to commit ourselves. But we did.

And know what the freaky part was? At the end of last year, I was filling in stuff in my 2009 Moleskin Diary, which I had bought coz I knew this would be a crazy year. So I was planning our projected timeline for all the house and wedding stuff. And for today’s date, I had written “Confirm ID, i.e. Sign.” Despite what I had written last year, we were actually planning to spend CNY considering our options. Yet in the end, things happened exactly as I had written. Prophetic? Or just plain weird?


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