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An update, and response to an email April 10, 2009

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The kebaya fitting was… ok. Neither the material nor the price was what we had agreed on. And the initial design didn’t work out, so there are going to be some serious changes. Sigh. The designer has her own ideas – she wanted something modern and conservative, and we wanted something traditional and sexy. I mean, the kebaya is ultimately this very translucent, body hugging, intricate piece of clothing. It didn’t quite turn out that way. The material was cotton instead of voile, so it was completely opaque. The reason given was that the design was too intricate to use the voile material which is too delicate and may tear. The inner camisole was cut too high coz she wanted it to be seen above the kebaya, but the overall look is just heavy, given that the material is already heavy. Oh, and there was this stain which I’m not sure if she can even get rid of.. But I like the way the sarong was sewn, and the design of the embroidery on the kebaya. Anyway, I’ll go for final fitting in May, and see how.

We finally signed with our contractor. The ID managed to find one who was willing to do it for our budget of exactly 55k. My dad called me up and did a lot of sighing about the budget, which I had told my stepmum was 50k because she asked. The fiancé thinks that I have the problem of being brutally honest, and I think that he has the problem of lying without a second thought. Anyway, this has only strengthened our resolve not to take a single cent from my dad for the reno, or the wedding, for that matter. I mean, initially he said he was going to give me a sum since I was going to get married. And then, he started stating his expectations of how the money should be allocated, then he started questioning what I was using it for, and exactly how much was going where. I feel, people shouldn’t ask where their gifts go. I mean, if I give you a diamond ring, and you decide to pawn it and spend the money buying macarons, that’s your business. And more importantly, don’t ask questions to which you can’t handle the answers. It is difficult to be beholden to people, coz then you have to be accountable.

And the thing about this wedding and reno thing is that there is all this waiting! Things get exciting for a day where we rush around seeing the ID, signing with the contractor, going to the wedding venue with the florist, and then now we are waiting for the contractor to come up with drawings, and the contact person at the wedding venue to revert on things. And the worst thing that has come out of this whole experience has been the wedding venue!

Before we started on everything, I prayed that God would send us the right people, because I really did not, and do not, want to deal with the pain of dealing with incompetent, ‘just-don’t-get-it’ kind of vendors, and He has straightened the path for us at every turn. With the ID, when we signed, it seemed that the boss, who is the brand name and driving creative force in his company, was mainly going to supervise, but in the end it turned out that he was very involved with the design, right down to the very minute details. And it was the same thing with the florist. The boss is basically semi-retired and she actually wanted my wedding to be a kind of training for one of her girls, but as it is, on the day that we were supposed to meet the vendor, the girl fell ill, so only the lady boss was there, and now she’s going to run the whole show personally. And it was a good thing she was there coz with all the experience that she has, she knew just what questions to ask the contact person at Villa Seafood Galleria. And unfortunately, that person had NO answers! Argh. I will have faith. In God, not the person at the restaurant.


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